She Wants a "Permanent"

Posted: May 22 2015

Well I almost fell over the other day...When my long time client Sabrina sat in my chair and said.

"I think I want a permanent?"....

"A perm you mean?"...."

Ya..a perm!!"

Well I haven't done a perm since my little sister wanted the Mariah Carey look.

So I made it me permanent mission...(no pun intended) to find out what my fellow pros are using. I need to make Sabrina's limp and bodiless mane a hand full of luxurious curls.

So Brenda, a stylist who's opinion I hold close to me said you NEED to try FUJI PERFECT PAPER. So I did.

Well lets get through all the great technical stuff FUJI has to offer.

The size is ideal. 2.5x4". It can help you create waves or even a tight curl. It has a very strong grip. When I use perm solution the flow through was great. It actually penetrated the whole piece. The saturation and neutralization was exactly what was needed to achieve the right hold.  They didn't tear apart. Much stronger than the paper I remember using. And the most simplest and ingenious part about the FUJI PAPER was, it came pre-folded.....duh...The cherry on top. The best little dispenser is also available.  The counter top dispenser is so easy. Paper goes in, and easy pop-up as you pull through the next sheet....Amazing..I know!!


When Sabrina came in for her appointment. I was so ready. My arsenal of perm tools was 100%.

Let me tell you something. Sabrina rocked the best perm I  ever did. She got me feeling Emotions!...She looked great. And I looked like a pro.


Stay Fabulous friends!