Night Time Regime- Stop the Insanity

Posted: Mar 24 2015

I bet you spend at least 30 mins a night washing, prepping your face and hair for night ahead. What if I told you all the $$$ you spent on expensive creams, serums and dry conditioners were all a waste because of where you lay your head at night. 

I was floored when I found out that my Egyptian cotton sheets that I dropped a pretty penny on last month, was reversing all the time and effort I spent making sure my hair and face was protected while I slept. When I found these Satin pillow cases from Flair and discovered out all the benefits from sleeping on them. I needed to try it. I needed to STOP THE INSANITY.

Here are some the facts. Sleeping on satin reduces wrinkles by 50%. The satin woven fibers help keep your skin and hair hydrated by locking the moisture in. Your creams will not rub off onto the sheets. Plus the material is super-soft, which gives it a lux feel, for a reasonable price. At less then $20 each. You can sleep like Cleopatra, and look and feel great at the same time. Extra bonus. Your hair won't look like "Joe Dirt" and your night time regime won't be done in vain. 

Available in an array of colour options to co ordinate with your sheet set. This is a win-win for all!

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