Posted: Feb 02 2015


How many times have you said to yourself...Oh ya I have an up-do today..damn do I have enough bobby pins?????

You rummage through your drawer, and there they are. All 100 pins you need to do your magic. Your bright-eyed client sits there, with baited breath awaiting the grand reveal. But you can't show her yet...these blonde bobby pins that are supposed to match her hair colour and be discreet, are not. You fumble for your hairspray and teasing comb, and tease the heck outta the fly-aways and use that hair to cover up the 79 bobby pins you used to create the "very loose and not so done up" hair style your client asked for. But instead you have created a helmet head that the Green Bay Packers would be thoroughly impressed by. You turn her around to face the mirror....and in horror...she makes that face.

My friends, you no longer need to hang your pins up in shame. Your client doesn't need to hold and pass you all 79 bobby pins while you style their hair. I found, what I think is God's gift to anyone who ever took Martins Parsons "UP-DO 101" : Non Slip Bobby pins by FLAIR. I cannot even deal with how much time and effort it has saved me over my career. Gone are the days when 100 bobby pins were the norm for creating hairstyles. There are no pins falling or slipping out of the hair because, let me tell you something people, the coating on these bad boys is like no other. It will change the way you think and use bobby pins again? They have the firmest grip I have ever seen. I am saving time and $$$$ because instead of an hour or so, it is taking me only 30-45 minutes because I am using less pins. The hair stays firmly in place with one pin, instead of the 2 to 3 that you are used to. The colour options are spot on. Black is really black, brown is really brown. And for my blonde lovies...they actually have a shade that will work for you.

I'm happy...the client is happy!!! I achieved her desired look in such a ideal time. Stylists I can't tell you how desperately you need these pins in your arsenal. You will become a better stylist because of these.


Penny for your thoughts...or in this case one non slip bobby pin!!


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